The Dead Sea is the lowest point on land (417 meters below sea level). The quantity of water that evaporates from it is greater than that which flows into it, such that this body of water has the highest concentration of salt in the world (340 grams per liter of water). It is called the Dead Sea because its salinity prevents the existence of any life forms*.  That same salt, on the other hand, provides tremendous relief to the many ailing visitors who come here on a regular basis to benefit from its healing properties. The Dead Sea can also be called “the lowest health spa in the world.” The composition of the salts and minerals in the water are what make it so unique and beneficial for the body. The sea bed also has deposits of black mud that is easy to spread on the body and provides the skin with nourishing minerals. The air and sunshine is also beneficial to the body’s systems, thus making the Dead Sea a provider for good health and healing for vacationers from all over the world.

The western shore is dotted with organized beaches and bathing areas that provide convenient access to the water. Beside two of the therapeutic beaches (Neve Zohar and Ein Bokek) large tourism centers have been established, providing the most pampering tourism services. Here you will find dozens of hotels, hostels and guest houses, restaurants and shopping centers, as well as surprising tourism enterprises that offer a wide range of activities.

The Dead Sea lies on the edge of the Judean Desert has become an important center of desert tourism. The Dead Sea's coastline is dotted with many springs, surrounded by wild plant life - an amazing contrast to the dry and baron surrounding desert.

Amongst breathtaking landscapes are historic sites of considerable importance in Israel’s history.  The most prominent sites are the Massada (Metsada) fortress, ancient Ein Gedi and the Qumran cave site where ancient Dead Sea scrolls were discovered,  which offers some insight into early Christianity and the Essenes sect that lived at the site and is considered the beginning of Christian monasticism.

A tour of the Dead Sea region would not be complete without a visit to the amazing monasteries built on the cliff walls. In the fourth century ascetism became popular among Christians, who wanted to live their lives as Jesus had. Many believers wanted to devote themselves to God and the Judean Desert became a ideal destination for monks, who built phenomenal monasteries, some of them carved into the stone faces of the desert cliffs. Among these monasteries are St. George, Quruntul, Khozeba and Mar Saba. Some of the monasteries are still operating and even welcome visitors, who can gain their own impressions of the intensity of the desert and its wild beauty.

One Day Tours from The Dead Sea

Location: The Desd Sea, Israel.

TOUR 1 – Jeep Tour – 2Hours
Pick up at the hotel then drive to the ancient fortress on the “Salt” Roman road. Continue through the canyons and mountains of the Judean desert to the Haimer stream and then enter the bends of the Dom stream and the beautiful ravines of “Hawar”. This is typical scenery of the Dead Sea area. We will then climb with the jeeps up Sdom Mountain for an amazing observation over the Dead Sea basin. We will descend the “Amiaz” plain and continue along the road back to the hotel.
This is truly an amazing experience riding 6 – 8 passengers in a jeep with driver/guides.

TOUR 2 – Full Day Coach Tour – Jerusalem
Meet in the hotel lobby at 08:00 depart 08:15 for a drive to Jerusalem. Enjoy a panoramic view of “Jerusalem of Gold” from the Mount of Olives. Drive to the City of David and visit the excavations. Enter the Old City via the Dung Gate, for a walking tour – visit the Southern Wall excavations. Time at the “Kotel” Western Wall. Visit the Jewish Quarter with its restored Sephardic Synagogues. Drive to Mount Zion to visit King David’s Tomb. In the afternoon a visit to the Israel Museum with the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed. View the Billy Rose Sculpture Garden and the Model of Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple before we return to your hotel.

Note: On this tour we will stop somewhere in Jerusalem where participants will be able to buy a light meal or you can ask the hotel to prepare for you a picnic lunch.

Meet in the hotel lobby at 08:00. A short drive to Massada, last stronghold of the Jewish zealots during the war against the Romans. Ascend by cable car to visit the excavations of the mountain fortress. Descend by cable car and drive along the shore of the famous Dead Sea. Ein Gedi for a hike in the nature.