Cairo is the largest city in the Middle East and Africa and lies at the centre of all routes leading to, and from the three continents: Asia, Africa & Europe.

It is an absolutely fascinating city, full of contrasts and plenty of beautiful sights to be explored. Among the countless monuments, glorious palaces, beautiful Mosques, you won't want to miss one of Egypt 's top attractions
the last surviving member of the Seven Wonders of the World: the Great Pyramid of Giza. There are in fact three main pyramids in Giza ; the Great Pyramid of Khufu (or Cheops), The Pyramid of Kafhre and the smaller Pyramid of Menkaura.Each Pyramid is a tomb to a different King of Egypt.
In front of the pyramids lies the Sphinx or Abu al-Hol in Arabic, "Father of Terror". Carved out of a single block of stone, this enormous cat-like sculpture has mesmerized millions of visitors.

Giza 's three pyramids and the Sphinx were thought to have been constructed in the fourth dynasty of Egypt 's Old Kingdom , arguably the first great civilization on earth. Another must-see is the Museum of Egyptian Antiquity , known as the Egyptian Museum . Its 136.000 displayed items form the biggest collection of pharaonic art in the world, the highlight of which is the treasure of Tutankhamun: including his famous mask made out of solid gold and in a perfect state of preservation. There are 12 rooms filled with treasures from King Tut's tomb, found intact by Howard Carter in the Valley of Kings in 1922