Eilat is situated at the northern tip of the Red Sea at a strategic meeting point between the three neighboring countries of Israel, Jordan & Egypt/Sinai. Eilat's main industry is based on tourism, though there is an active port & copper mines (Timna- 40km north of Eilat).  Due to its location and geography Eilat offers its visitors a sunny winter resort and a wide variety of activities at sea & on land with a great selection of bars, pubs, restaurants and night clubs. Eilat is a VAT free zone.

At the southern-most tip of Israel, Eilat is an enticing and intimate holiday location.  With it's impressive hotel resorts, restaurants, sun and tropical sea it offers the perfect choice for a full and enjoyable holiday.
Sitting at the north end of the Bay,  Eilat sits under the breathtaking background of wild, bare granite mountains.  It  attracts both Israeli holiday makers and tourists *from around the world.  It is the perfect location to relax or explore the natural, historical and archaelogical wonders of the South of the country.  During the winter months tourists from Europe enjoy the warm and more pleasant climate, while Israelis flock to the Eilat in the hot summer months.

Eilat’s location has made it strategically significant throughout history as a port.  From the days of King Solomon (who built a large fleet of ships which he sent to Ophir), through the Nabataeans, the Romans, the Arabs, and the Crusaders, all of whom ruled the Land of Israel.
The modern town of Eilat was established in 1950. In the early 1950's *a quay was built* and subsequently Eilat's port which became the basis for the economy in the area. Towards the end of the 1960s *the tourism industry started developing Eilat, and today it is a paradise for tourists, travelers and vacationers.

The bay is one of the major attractions lined with beautiful beaches and offering a variety of water sports and diving.  In the south *the Coral Reserve" homes an abundance of tropical fish and impressive coral reefs as well as *The Underwater Observatory", a impressive and enjoyable marine museum offering a fascinating and unique insight into the world under the sea. Not far from the Observatory is the Dolphin Reef with its resident school of dolphins.
Eilat's has many and varied restaurants to suit all tastes, and there are are great clubs, a fun promenade lined with colourful stalls and cafes on the northern shoreline which holds vibrant bazaars all year round. There are additional attractions for youngsters and families, such as an amusement park, the “Kings City” (a high-tech theme park for all the family based on the Bible and Bible stories). Eilat also has an IMAX movie theatre offering a 3-D experience, and many more leisure time activities.

The Arava region north of the city and the Eilat Mountains is an arid desert. Scattered between the exposed mountains are many nature and beauty spots as well as archaeological and historical sites, which makes Eilat a great starting point for special trips in the area, such as camel treks, jeep tours and more.

A beautiful and idyllic beach situated on the Southern stretch
of Eilat.  The Dolphin Reef provides a safe and free environment for the dolphins to live and breed and therefore a chance for us to truly enjoy them in their natural habitat.
It is possible to relax and enjoy the dolphins from the pier that extends into the dolphin's waters or from the beach.
The Dolphin Reef has two restaurants, a gift shop, a cinema auditorium, a dive centre and all personal facilities.
A magical place to enjoy a truly magical day.


With a range of aquariums and separate pools the Observatory offers a wide and exciting array of marine wild life and the chance to experience it in its natural environment. 
And then there's the Oceanarium itself.  A futuristic and exciting cinematic experience seated in specially designed moving seats to enhance realistic effect.

Eilat Stone Mines
Treat yourself to a fascinating and enjoyable journey into the world of gem mining.   Marvel at the extensive showroom of gold, diamonds and silver jewelry as well as the uniquely designed Eilat Stone collection exclusive to this area.

Eilat Shopping Mall
A modern and impressive shopping mall on the sea front.  The 'Mall Ha Yam' offers an extensive selection of shops including brand and designer labels as well as a range of café's, and restaurants.  Eilat is a duty free zone which means great shopping at the best possible prices.